V Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería Biomédica (CLAIB2011)

Magnetic nanophases of iron oxide embedded in polymer. Effects of magneto-hydrodynamic treatment of pure and wastewater
Rojas Casaña Jorge Antonio, Santos Cedeño Katiuska

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Fecha: 2011-05-20 01:30  – 01:45
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Noticeable effects over some characteristics of pure water such as pH and conductivity were observed after a magneto-hydrodynamic treatment with nanophases of ferro-magnetic ?-Fe2O3 embedded in a granulated polymer. Unex-pected alterations on pH (6,2-10,9) and conductivity (0,06 -0,4) of pure water (de-ionized and bi-distilled) were observed after the first cycle of treatment with more aged (24 h) sample of magnetic nanophases. On the subsequent cycles those values were stabilized and persistent 24 h later. Some specie of mem-ory effect does appear be present 24 h later on a sample of treated water because both pH and conductivity get back slowly to near values to the originals after cycling trough col-umn. In addition an increment on corrosive power was ob-served via linear variation voltammetry over a piece of carbon steel immersed under a sample of magnetically treated water. The former memory effect was noted too in voltammetry expe-riments. For lasting a bactericide effect was proved for passing an infected wastewater with fecal coliforms trough a column packed with magnetic nanophases embedded in granulated polymer. A difference on behavior was observed between two samples of magnetic nanophases with different time of age run out in parallel experiments with infected wastewater. The sample with 24 h aged had roughly two logarithmic units of cell/100 mL of coliforms depleted in a few minutes. On the contrary the sample with 1 h aged didn't remove any coliform in equal time from infected wastewater. The experience was applied at major scale with similar results in experiments run out on 1 m3 of re-infected wastewater taken from an inside city river during more than 500 hour of operations over an in-serial battery of three interconnected columns loaded with 200 mL of granulated polymer with ferromagnetic nanophases embedded in polymer each one.