V Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería Biomédica (CLAIB2011)

Gerenciamento de Tecnologia para a Saúde: Solução Geral
Bottura Eboli Ana Cristina, Eder Trevisoli Silva, Eduardo Tavares Costa, José Wilson Magalhães Bassani

##manager.scheduler.building##: Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
##manager.scheduler.room##: Sala 7
Fecha: 2011-05-19 10:30  – 10:53
Última modificación: 2011-04-28 10:46


In this work it is proposed a general approach for the complex problem of health technology management. A Web-oriented software (GETS) has been developed the Center for Biomedical Engineering of the University of Campinas. The software contains all the typical tools to analyze data produced by Clinical Engineers (EC) working in medical technology management in health care institutions. It is shown how data collected from equipment maintenance (using GETS) could allow seeing the profile of one particular technology used in a given institution or a given sector of that institution with the similar tools (microprocesses or states of Service Orders), helping us to describe the behavior and performance of medical technology in an unbiased manner. It is shown an overview of our system and a case study of the equipment management of two different Medical Services of our university. Both services have a rather old installed park equipment (the first represents 10.7% of the installed base, and the second 2.6%) but very different maintenance profiles when looking at costs (10.1% and 18.1% of services costs, respectively) and complexity (6.3% of the equipment of the first Service represents 13.5% of all equipment sent to external servicing while for the second Service, these numbers are 13.5% and 4.9%, respectively). Extracting data from clinical engineering is an efficient method to allow benchmarking of medical technology, allowing rational management of the institution installed equipment park and resources. As is expected that this system be used by most public hospitals in Brazil, it will allow a general overview of the installed medical equipment base in the country enabling proper management of this park and a structured growth of the EC in Brazil and other countries.