V Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería Biomédica (CLAIB2011)

Selección de Parámetros Óptimos para la Electroestimulación Cutánea en Personas Ciegas.
Echenique Flores Ana María, Graffigna Vaggione Juan Pablo, Mut Sansó Vicente

##manager.scheduler.building##: Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
##manager.scheduler.room##: Sala 12
Fecha: 2011-05-20 09:00  – 10:30
Última modificación: 2011-04-14 12:21


This work is part of the knowledge area of Assistive Technology, Sensory Substitution specifically for individuals with visual impairments. The objective is focused on the study of solutions for reading with Braille for the blind, using the sense of touch through electrocutánea stimulation of mechanoreceptors located in the fingertip. Aims to facilitate access to written information in order to achieve better social inclusion and integration into work and educational activities. In the present study discusses the method of electrical stimulation current, and from theoretical analysis were selected optimal parameters of stimulation to help capture the feel of pure pressure. Was the same experiments by a prototype designed for this purpose, in 8 blind and visually impaired, with satisfactory results.