V Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería Biomédica (CLAIB2011)

Study of the speed of the corporal oscillation in function of pregnancy time
Cassio Silva Pereira, Fernanda Pupio Silva Lima, Vanessa Cristina Novak, Carlos Eduardo Albuquerque, Viviane Pilla

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The woman's posture during the pregnancy is disarranged preceding the expansion of volume of uterus. These changes occur internally and externally, and it can be observed with a change of the posture, shift in the balance and gait. The general objective of this study was to evaluate the speed of corporal oscillation in function of the pregnancy period. Measurements were performed through the analysis of stabilometrical parameters. The speeds of corporal oscillations were verified in 51 women, being 27 pregnant women at the quarter gestacional. The results the speeds obtained were: for Group Controls (19 ± 3) mm/s; Pregnant 1st quarter (11 ± 4) cm/s; 2nd (14 ± 5) mm/s ; and for 3rd (13± 3) mm/s.